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PeeWee LIMEGREEN 200m 1.2

PeeWee LIMEGREEN 200m 1.2
PeeWee LIMEGREEN 200m 1.2
AED 65.00
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  • Brand: POWER EYE
  • Model: PeeWee
  • Weight: 0.20kg

"Power Eye PeeWee WX4" has the world's strongest fishing line material "Ultra Dyneema", which is four times stronger than nylon, and the new manufacturing method "WX Method" achieves higher strength than the normal PE line. The straightness and surface lubricity of the raw yarn have been greatly improved. 
HD4BLADE (high-density four-ply twist) that reduces the friction coefficient to a high-performance PE line that improves casting performance, speeds vertical thread drop, and reduces guide rubbing noise Finished. 

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