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IMA Gyodo Survivor70 #SV70-002

IMA Gyodo Survivor70 #SV70-002
IMA Gyodo Survivor70 #SV70-002
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  • Brand: IMA
  • Model: Survivor70
  • Weight: 0.20kg

IMA Gyodo Survivor 70 Sinking

The IMA Gyodo Survivor is an ultra-fast retrieve lure with a great balance, great flying distance and small slender body like a bait fish. Gyodo Survivor locks accurately on casting accurately target with an impressive distance and feeling.  Even at high speed retrieve the excellent balance design of Gyodo Survivor provides a stable underwater moving action and the lure does not break the water surface.
Gyodo is also a really versatile lure with a swimming action that attracts many fish species.

Length: 70 mm
Weight: 11 g
Type: Sinking
Depth Range: 20~50cm
Hooks: ST-46 # 10
Ring: Original # 2

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